Monday, January 10, 2005

Politics is popular

Reading about "Vote for Me" ITV1's new election based pop-idol style show in the Western Daily Press, this bit annoyed me.

"Lorraine Kelly is passionate about the programme's aims. She says: "I think it's a scandal that more people vote for the likes of I'm A Celebrity or The X Factor or Big Brother than actually go out and vote in a General Election. It's terrifying!"

Yes, it would be a scandal, but it's also completely false.

The 2001 General Election, even on the lowest turnout since World War I had 25,557,009 people voting (Source David Boothroyd's election pages)

Big Brother 5 had for the final vote 6,366,325 votes cast, even if you count the whole of the series then the total is only 14,790,551 (Source Digital Spy)

Of course even that figure for BB5 is massively inflated by multiple voting, something generally frowned upon by the authorities in political elections.