Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blog Linking - David Keen

One pleasant aspect of blogging back in the early days was discovering and linking to people just like yourself, a typist with things to say. If I found someone interesting then I often posted about them and their blog. One such blogger is +David Keen who posts as Opinionated Vicar. David is a Church of England vicar back in my old stamping ground of Yeovil, and it was his parish’s church hall that Yeovil Games Club currently rents. Unsurprisingly the blog is mostly centred on evangelism and “mission” but with touches on poverty, helping people and local developments.

I tend to fall out with him when he lapses into believing that Christians are persecuted in Britain, by which he means that Christians don’t have a privileged place in the legal system to persecute others. But apart from that he seems a reasonable guy and we’ve had some good discussions. David hasn’t reached the frenetic level of posting that he did in 2008/09 but then he has got a tough day job which must come first.

Today’s post is typically thoughtful on the strains in Mental Health trust budgets. It’s been no secret that Mental Health trusts, along with other trusts have had to deal with budgets reduced in real terms. In theory this money should have gone to the Clinical Commissioning Groups, but they have spent most of the year getting up to speed. In the meantime, how are those local CCGs supporting the mental health of their patients? As we are approaching a winter where the more noticeable physical ailments of patients will be only too visible[1] then the less noticeable depressions and dementias will be all too easy to put off till the spring, then till the summer and so on.

Anyway, welcome to the blog list, David, hope you’re the first of many.

  1. Expect to see footage of ambulances queued up to admit patients to a particularly hard pressed Emergency Department soon.  ↩